Keep asthma down with effortless control

A peak flow meter that helps you manage asthma anywhere

We re-invented the peak flow meter so asthma patients like you can conveniently manage your symptoms and get on with life.
Automatic Peak Flow
No paper, no writing, no excuses. After each blow, your peak flow is automatically recorded on your phone.
Carry it anywhere and check your peak flow anytime. (Bluetooth available)
All Readings Explained
Explanation of all your readings and how to best manage your asthma.
Never forget to take your readings with built-in reminders.
You control what you measure
Daily peak flow recording is an effective way to spot patterns in your asthma. Studies show you can wheeze 77% less by learning to spot and avoid triggers.
A peak flow a day keeps the doctor away
Sharing daily peak flow recordings with your doctor updates them about your asthma. They're able to give you updated advice about your medication. Studies show this cuts emergency events by half.
Your medication done right
Studies show mobile health apps help you use your medication correctly, up to 96%. They remind you to use the right dosages as doctors prescribe.

Guaranteed to give you Results

"Fantastic app and technology. I track my peak expiratory flow morning and night. It shows if I may be at risk of an asthma attack. I love that I can just email my results to my Dr straight from the app."

- Lauren Kiernan, asthma patient
"I love this app it has been a really big help for me, it has helped me see if my inhalers are helping my asthma it's so easy to use, just plug it in and blow and it gives you a result, I really love it I've got my asthma review soon so I'll be taking my log along with me. Thanks for such a great app."

- Kirsty Staples, asthma patient
"This is absolutely brilliant! It's such a game changer & so much easier carrying around a smart peak flow as opposed to a big normal one so to speak! I have severe asthma so need to keep everything near ALWAYS!This app has been brilliant & is spot on accurate,my only regret? That i didn't know about this sooner!! Thank you so much!"

- Sarah Samuel, asthma patient
"I love this, it gives a very accurate reading. Great to show my asthma nurse when I next see her. Couldn’t live without mine now"

- Danielle Lambert, asthma patient
"This little device is a big improvement on the dumb devices you are usually given. Firstly it records all the measurements so you can easily see from the app whether the trend is up or down. It is also more accurate. I compared my smart peak flow readings with professional readings from the hospital and they were pretty close whereas the mechanical meter I'd got from the doctors was way out."

- Ian Cairns, asthma patient
"The app works very smoothly and logs my peakflow very efficiently and easy for me and my asthma nurse and gp to see clearly. I’m very happy with the results I’m getting from using the Smart Peak Flow daily, and have even started recommending it to other friends and family who suffer with asthma too :)"

- Lainey Wakeman, asthma patient
"This is such a great product. I found myself keeping my asthma much more under control with my phone."

- Stephanie Barron, asthma patient
"All ways hated and forgot to chart my asthma, controlling my asthma was non existent until this clever device and app!!! THANK YOU!!"

- Dan Fallon, asthma patient
"Love it.. I can tell if I'm using my inhaler correctly.. I'm finding it so much easier to look after my asthma.. My son is also using it too.. Its brilliant. I would definitely recommend that everyone one has this for their asthma."

- Gemma Bennett, asthma patient
"Easy to set up, easy to use and really helps with controlling my asthma. Its a must have, would not be without my Smart Meter now. Well done on a fab item Smart Peak Flow xxx"

- Angela Perrera, asthma patient