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The concept for the device began in 2014 at Imperial College London. Smart Peak Flow was invented to help people keep track of their asthma in a convenient way.

Several prototypes later, the device was put on Kickstarter. It was then 113% funded on Kickstarter.

In 2017, the final device was created and is the world's first peak flow meter to use smartphone technology.

This device is important because, in the past few decades, asthma care has mostly stayed the same. However, the number of mild to severe asthma cases is growing. This device helps those people with their condition by giving accurate information and what they can do to manage it better.


CE Certificate
ISO 13485 Certificate
Certificate of Conformity


Comparison of peak flow meters
(white paper)
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Harvard & BIDMC
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Novartis & Sandoz

Our people

Dr Thomas Antalffy

Founder and Managing Director

Richard Pethö

Business Development Director

Antony Wilson

Head of Sales and Marketing

Ian Cameron

International Sales Manager

Nathan Phillips

Digital Marketing Manager

Dóra Szilágyi

Marketing Manager (Maternity leave)

Simon László

Operations Manager

Ádám Grób

Quality Control Manger

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Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow4 days ago
A new report from Asthma UK has found that asthma deaths are at the highest this decade.

While asthma can be a fatal condition, through carefully and efficient management the condition can be kept under control.

Some tips to keep your asthma under control on a day to day basis include:
+Making sure you have your prescription medication with you at all times.
+ Learning the proper technique to use equipment such as spacers, inhalers, and peak flow meters.
+ Seeing your GP regularly for check-ups.

Read more at:
Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow2 weeks ago
How much do you know about peak flow meters?

Learn more about the importance of peak flow meters, and how they can help with managing your asthma by reading the article below.
Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow3 weeks ago
"I will never forget how his tiny chest rose up and down in desperate movements, trying to fill his lungs with air."

Watching your child have an asthma attack can be terrifying and leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and on edge.

Asthma affects over 1 million children in the UK so you are not alone.

Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow4 weeks ago
Did you know hayfever can make you more likely to have an asthma attack?

When you have hayfever your body is allergic to pollen and releases antihistamine and other chemicals to try and fight it. It also makes your body produce more sticky mucus that can block your airways, which become inflamed.

This means they are more sensitive to other triggers and more likely to swell further, restricting your breathing and causing an asthma attack.

Here are five steps you can take to reduce the risks:

1. Take a daily antihistamine to try and prevent an allergic response
2. Use a barrier balm around your nose to reduce the pollen entering your airways
3. Take your preventer inhaler as prescribed every day
4. Carry your reliever inhaler at all times
5. Measure your peak flow and visit your doctor if it is less than usual
Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow4 weeks ago
How are you finding the Smart Peak Flow app?

We are happy to announce that ORCHA - The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications have scored the Smart Peak Flow application 81% for data security, clinical effectiveness and user experience.

Our team takes great pride in the usability and accessibility of our product, so we see this as a huge achievement. So be sure to let us know how the user experience has been for you!

You can find more details about the review at:
Smart Peak Flow
Smart Peak Flow1 month ago
What was your favourite part of the The Allergy & Free From Show ?

We loved meeting everyone at our stand, and couldn’t resist trying lots of delicious treats available at the show.

Let us know if you came by to say hi, we'd love to stay in touch.
4 days ago
Asthma UK's latest statistics show that Asthma deaths in the UK are the highest this decade. Find out more at:
@asthmauk #asthma
2 weeks ago
Do you know why using a peak flow meter is key to managing your asthma? #asthma #peakflowmeter #PEFR
3 weeks ago
What are your tips for coping with your child's asthma? #asthma
4 weeks ago
The Smart Peak Flow application has been rated 81% by @OrchaUK based on data security, clinical effectiveness and user experience. Find out more at: #mHealth #digitalhealth #asthma
1 month ago
We had a blast meeting everyone at the @AllergyShow last weekend! What was your favourite part of it? SmartPeakFlow photo