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The Smart Peak Flow meter turns your phone into your personal asthma assistant.

The concept for the device began in 2014 at Imperial College, London. Smart Peak Flow was invented to help people keep track of their asthma in a convenient way. 90% of asthmatics do not follow the standard advice given by doctors, which is to track their peak flow.

Peak flow is the gold standard of asthma management. Peak flow can give clues into how asthmatics can live with less stress about their condition. Such as tracking whether their medicine is working or being more aware of triggers.

Currently, peak flow measured by hand and paper charts, which is no suprise why 90% of people don't measure it.

Several prototypes later, the Smart Peak Flow meter was put on Kickstarter. It was then 113% funded on Kickstarter. In 2017, the world's first peak flow meter to use smartphone technology was invented.

In the past few decades, provisions in asthma care has stayed the same. Asthma does not catch as much attention as other life changing conditions. But, with the emergence of new technology, this is a chance to help more people with the condition.


CE Certificate
ISO 13485 Certificate
Certificate of Conformity


Comparison of peak flow meters
(white paper)
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Harvard & BIDMC
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Novartis & Sandoz

Our people

Dr Thomas Antalffy

and Managing Director

Richard Pethö

and Business Development

Antony Wilson

Head of Sales
and Marketing

Ian Cameron

Sales Manager

Nathan Phillips

Digital Marketing

Dóra Szilágyi

Marketing Manager
(Maternity leave)

Simon László


Panagiotis Sakkatos PhD

Clinical Research

Benedek Ott

Software Development

Natalia Pavlovskaia

Data Scientist

András Körmendi

Electronics Engineer

Dylan Bevan

Industrial Design

Zsolt Keller


Bálint Baraniuk

Quality Control

Nikolett Szabó


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